Who Gives a Crap? We Give a Crap!

Sustainable Lifestyle Jul 17, 2019

A sustainable toilet paper that avoids further deforestation and provides sanitation for people in poverty.

When I first started exploring a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, it literally blew my mind that something as simple as toilet paper could be entwined with so many issues.

Toilet paper is devastatingly unsustainable.
The toilet paper industry contributes to 15% of the world's deforestation. This affects not just the animals, plants and people that call it home, but also our atmosphere. Read Tissue is an Issue... It's Unsustainable for more information.

deforestation and logging

Photo by Sharad Bhat on Unsplash

Toilet paper is part of privilege.
2.6 million people don't have access to sanitation, forcing the use of shared public facilities or seeking relief in the open. This is a particular issue for people who menstruate, causing increased risks to their health, safety, and future. For the full scope, read Sanitation is a Feminist Issue.

A Sustainable Toilet Paper

The more I journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, the more I realize that it is often the simple, everyday products that are the least sustainable and easiest swap. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is a swap that enables people to vote for an ethical and sustainable product. Every purchase is a vote to:

💚 Reduce sanitation poverty for people in developing countries. 50% of Who Give a Crap profits are donated to build sanitation in developing nations.
♻️ Protect rain forests, their indigenous communities, and biodiversity from deforestation. Who Gives a Crap offers 100% recycled and 100% bamboo rolls.
🌍 Sustain an eco-friendly and ethical alternative to traditional store-bought toilet paper.
✔️ Protect water systems from inks, dyes. and scents.
🌊 Avoid plastic. Who Gives a Crap rolls are completely plastic free.

Who gives a crap plastic free sustainable toilet paper

Yes, that’s me, squished into the Who Gives a Crap box staring down the emergency roll!
I swear, in another life, I was probably a cat because I love squeezing into boxes.😹

Do you know what else is great? There are tangible benefits that you can recognise at home.
1. The rolls last FOREVER. I'm not even kidding. I bought a box of 48 rolls at the end of December and six months later I still have over 20 rolls.
2. Bulk buying is cost effective. The cost really isn't much more than what you would pay in the supermarket. Buying in bulk seems scary because you see the whole cost up front, but considering how long these rolls last, you actually won't be spending more.
3. The quality doesn't suck. Who Gives A Crap 3-ply paper is as “soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1,000 ponies”. Can confirm, it is soft, and it is strong. I actually posted about these rolls a while ago on Instagram, and around that time my friend came over to indulge in tea and banana bread. At one point she came out of my bathroom and started gushing at how good the toilet paper was. She went on to admit to seeing my post, and was apprehensive, knowing that recycled paper tends to can be tough and/or flimsy.

Who gives a crap plastic free sustainable toilet paper

The only downside I've managed to find with these rolls... I can't get through them quick enough to sign up to the subscribe and save option. For the box of 48 rolls, the subscription auto-delivers at either 8, 12 and 16 weeks. It's probably really handy for families.

Overall, Who Gives a Crap seems to be the best sustainable toilet roll on the market. It's humbling to know that my choices and my money are helping to sustain the planet and the lives of people on it. Who Gives a Crap? I give a crap.
If you give a crap too, you can get $10 off here.

As always, thanks for reading.
Chelsea ✌️🐌


Activist and organizer with Greenpeace Vancouver. Writes about climate and social justice, feminism, greenwashing, and fossil fuel fuckery.

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