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Sustainable Lifestyle Sep 11, 2016

Everyone loves a little self-indulgence and what better way to self-indulge than by treating yourself to something handmade with “clean” ingredients. Imagine the candles are lit, the bath is full and steaming, all you need to finish this perfect night in is the product that’s going to make your skin feel like silk.

So let’s drop a bomb! A bath bomb! Many in the UK and America have fallen in love with Lush. Understandable really, when the range is never ending, the colours eccentric and the smells entice you from a few blocks away. However, many have also noted that a number of these products just don’t cut it for sensitive skin, causing rashes, flare ups of eczema and the sad taste of disappointment as you realise these products just don’t suit your skin. On goes the search for something, anything, a product that loves your skin and your skin can love back. What if I’ve just found that product? This is no L-bomb.

Ooliva Luxury Handmade Organic Vegan Matcha Salt Bathbomb

About OOliva

Meet Ooliva (ooh-lee-vah) a brand that offers beautifully made luxury bath and body products, prioritises protecting your skin from chemicals and oozes ethical and environmental responsibility from every figurative pore, making the brand so easy to love before even trying the products. Everything is handmade using: non- toxic, additive free, ethically sourced, organic, fair trade, kosher and non-GMO ingredients, where possible. That’s an extensive list, but it goes on! OOliva NEVER test on animals, all packaging is recyclable, products are only supplied to like-minded ethical and environmentally friendly retailers AND is partnered with cancer charity Phil’s Friends, with their product Phil’s Balm. Are you gushing yet? I literally want to hug founder, Gina Grey, for creating such a beautiful and conscious brand.

Matcha & Clary Sage Bath Bomb

The packaging of the bath bomb products is so unbelievably stunning and radiates luxury, statements I’ll let the pictures support. As for the product experience, it’s as you would expect: the excitement of running a bath and un-wrapping the product, the fascination of watching the bomb fizzle away, the relaxation of lying in the water, absorbing the oils and feeling them softening and silkifying the skin. Except… it’s not the same at all. I suffer with eczema, which means using bath products is a nightmare that I usually avoid. But, whilst absorbed in warm water I realised I had happened on something special. My skin wasn’t starting to itch or burn as the matcha clouded water washed over my skin. This wasn’t even a calm before the storm type product, the flare up just didn’t come and for hours afterwards my skin felt fresh and hydrated, with a new softness and a slight herby perfume.
Ooliva Luxury Handmade Organic Vegan Matcha Salt Bathbomb


The OOliva matcha bath bomb is packed full of ingredients that are carefully selected to love your skin and here’s how. Pacific ocean salt and French grey salt are both natural “moist” sea salts, meaning they have residual water and won’t dehydrate skin by stealing water from it. They both also contain magnesium, which is where French grey salt gets its colour. A lack of magnesium is known to be responsible for some eczema outbreaks and is the cause of the itchiness that follows. Studies have shown that the high magnesium content in sea salts has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothing your skin and doing away with the itch. Kaolin clay and arrowroot powder both soften skin, the former by aiding the removal of dead skin cells and the latter by allowing skin to absorb moister more effectively. Babassu oil should be the next big thing for skin, actually being better than coconut oil in many ways. Its light weight consistency means it’s not very greasy on skin (or hair), thus doesn’t block pores, helping to avoid breakouts. It’s also deeply moisturising, as well as having anti-inflammatory agents, helping to sooth dry, broken skin. Clary sage oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, but additionally helps regulate natural skin oils to reduce oily or dry skin. Finally, matcha, a green tea powder, is full of antioxidants, providing skin with a boost in the form of anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about the benefits of green tea in Taste the Tea post Why is green tea so great? .

Ingredients Sustainably Mined Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride (French Grey Salt), Sodium Chloride (Pacific Ocean Salt), Kaolin (White) Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Organic Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Seed Oil, Organic Fair Trade Sinensis (Green Tea) Powder and Organic Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Oil.

Ooliva Luxury Handmade Organic Vegan Matcha Salt Bathbomb

Final Thoughts

The OOliva matcha bath bomb is packed full of nourishing oils, detoxifying clay and mineral rich salts. I don’t believe that there could be a better bath bomb for those with sensitive skin. After using it on my own eczema prone skin, I was delighted with the result; soft and no repercussions. I would not have hesitated to gift this based on the packaging alone, but after using it and realising that the product quality parallels the packaging, I would doubly recommend this to anyone, sensitive skin or not. Over all, amazing product, amazing brand.

You can get yours by visiting the OOliva website!

As always, thanks for reading.
Chelsea ✌️🐌


Activist and organizer with Greenpeace Vancouver. Writes about climate and social justice, feminism, greenwashing, and fossil fuel fuckery.

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