Cruelty-Free Favourites | June 2018

Sustainable Lifestyle May 31, 2018

I tend to be fairly minimalistic and low maintenance, so I don't have many beauty items in my repertoire. However, I wanted to take some time to give love to the cruelty-free products in my current beauty “routine”. <-- Don’t let this word fool you, it's not so much of a routine, more of sporadic necessity. Hair a bit greasy? I’ll probably stretch it one more day before washing. Too tired to cleanse? Fuck it, if my mascara is off, good enough! I've learned it's ok to be lazy sometimes... Ok, the majority of the time :P

Cruelty-Free Beauty Favourites

Rose Essence Argon Oil | Kasbah Oil

Ethical | Organic | Natural | Small Biz
I didn’t even know my skin needed an oil until I used this! Now, I feel like my skin is, for want of a better word, glowing. The great thing about argan oil is that it’s almost like a dry oil so, as long as you’re not chucking the whole bottle on your face, you won’t feel greasy. Also... This one is infused with rose essence, so obviously it smells fucking amazing. The majority of argon oil is sourced from Morocco, where co-ops have been set up to ensure fair pay to the workers in the industry. Make sure any argon oil you buy is purchased through a co-op!

Kasbah Organic Pure Argon oil and rose oil

Brightening Cleanser | Burt's Bees

98% Natural | Cruelty-Free
As I've been trying out a fancy new facial oil, I thought I should dig my cleanser out and actually use it. I only use this 2-3 times a week, because a) I am awful at sticking to a routine and b) I don’t like the smell of it. It's not horrible, but it is the wrong kind of floral for me. Think granny on a night out. For actual use though, it's a good product for making the face feel clean and matte!

Carrot & Rosehip Facial Scrub | Ooliva

Cruelty-Free | Hand-Made | Organic | Natural | Small Batch
I’ve had this for a while but in the spirit of zero waste, I’m trying to use it up. It’s really abrasive, which makes it pretty efficient, and I can get away with using it 2-3 times a week on my face. My favourite way to use this though is on my legs, as a pre-epilation exfoliatant.

Ooliva Facial Scrub, Burts Bee Brightening Cleanser, Rosey Cheeks Lush Face mask

Rosey Cheeks Face Mask | Lush

Cruelty-Free | Ethical | Hand-Made
I am a firm believer that all self-care starts with a face mask! Admittedly, I usually rep Mask of Magnaminty, cause let's face it, who doesn’t love that badass bitch. But, it was all out last time I went to get some. I’m such a bad impulse buyer, and couldn’t leave without one. I love rose, so this won out over the others.

Angel Wash | Kevin Murphy

Cruelty-Free | Sulfate Free
I’m pretty sure that everyone has that one product where they've never found the item that suits their body. For me it's shampoo. I have thick, but fine, hair that is highlighted a few times a year, so it's often dry and tangled. The problem is finding a cruelty-free shampoo for fine hair, that moisturises but doesn’t leave it so moisturised that it's quickly greasy. I like to wash my hair twice a week, 3 times MAX to retain at least some sort of small balance of natural oils.

My hairdresser recommended Angel, which is designed for fine or fragile hair. It smells gorgeous, contains green tea and has a sweet orange scent. It makes my mouth water, but it is very moisture intensive.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash Shampoo Angel Rinse Conditioner

Soap | Antonia Natural

Cruelty-Free | Natural | SLS Free | Small Biz
Soap is essential for me. I have flare-ups of eczema and dermatitis and both of these conditions seem to be aggravated by sulfates. This means that most shower gels give me an itchy rash or weeping sores. As long as there are no nasties in the bar, soap is reliably kinder to my skin. I got a selection of Antonia Natural soaps in a brilliant array of scents; soothing, fruity, calming, beachy. Each has its own benefits and, so far, has loved my skin. Favourites:

  • Fruit Crush | Mouthwatering citrus and berries
  • Sea Garden | Aromatic tea tree and eucalyptus blended with charcoal
  • Cubans & Whiskey | Musky, smokey and sweet mix of cinnamon and rhassoul clay

Antonia Natural Soaps

Eczema Relief Cream | Satya Organic

Organic | Plastic-Free | Small Biz | Sustainable
I experience eczema or dermatitis flare-ups every few weeks, so I need to keep my skin, especially my hands, hydrated. After a winter break, I’ve started rock climbing again, but the use of chalk always sets my hands into a dry, cracked frenzy. Satya has been my remedy companion this month! It's been the perfect mix of soothing and hydrating. Admittedly, I'm almost out, so I’ve been alternating between this and pure coconut oil.

Satya Eczema Relief Cream

As always, thanks for reading.
Chelsea ✌️🐌


Activist and organizer with Greenpeace Vancouver. Writes about climate and social justice, feminism, greenwashing, and fossil fuel fuckery.

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