Climate Change and Social Justice Definitions

Resources Apr 18, 2020

Doughnut Economic Model: A visual framework for sustainable development, that sheds infinite growth, in favour of addressing social short falls. The model recognizes eco-system and resource limits. It also defines, and aims to meet, all social basic needs within earths environmental boundaries.

Fast Fashion: Inexpensive, cheaply made clothing that lacks durability and quality. It is rapidly produced by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. It is also known for its exploitative pay and generally poor factory conditions.

Greenwashing: A marketing tool employed by businesses that suggests their product or service is environmentally conscious. The deceptive claims often lead to consumers to believe that a company is acting with ethics and the environment in mind, however, these conscious claims are found to be unsubstantiated.

Mono-Culture: An agricultural practice of cultivating a single crop, plant, tree or livestock species on a single piece of land. This practice often leads to land degradation and loss of biodiversity.

Slacktivism: A portmanteau of Slacker and Activism. Often used as a demeaning term to describe online actions of activism that have been deemed simple and low-risk. The participates of this activism are often seen as people who fully engaged with or commuted to the movement.

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