About Chelsea

Activist | Organizer | Writer | Tea Drinker

I live in Vancouver, but I am British. And yes... I absolutely live up to the tea-loving stereotype! I’m happiest in nature, but I’m often too lazy to make the effort, so you're probably more likely to find me in a warm, sunny patch reading a book and drinking a fresh cup of earl grey.

I am the lead organizer for the Greenpeace Vancouver Local Group, a group that I have been organizing with for over a year. Much of 2020 was spent focusing on campaigning for a Green and Just Recovery via birddogging, postering outside local MP offices, and even a banner drop!

In September 2020, thick smoke from the West Coast fires blanketed Vancouver for 10 days. Although Vancouver sees smoke from forest fires most summers, this was by far the thickest. For few days, Vancouver even had the worst recorded air quality in the world and remained within the top 3 spots for most of the time the smoke hung over the city. Local press reported on the smoke, but failed to mention climate change in their articles. I organized a team to hold media accountable for telling the truth about climate change and its link to smoke and air quality via posters, social media actions, and a petition. Before the smoke cleared, several media outlets were including climate in their daily converge about the smoke and yearly forest fires. Win!

In November 2020, I was invited to take part in the #PassTheMic campaign alongside global activists asking David Attenborough to commit to climate action by showcasing global climate voices, particularly of those in the most affected regions, on his record-breaking Instagram page, which has over 6 million followers. This campaign is currently ongoing.

As well as being an environmental advocate, I am on a journey of discovering mental wellness. After struggling with mental illness for over a decade, I finally feel like I understand what genuinely puts me on the path to happiness. My ultimate goal for 2020 is to simply be happy, as fully and as often as possible, which means doing more of the things I love, rather than the things I think I should enjoy.

While I try to be as low waste as possible, I do still buy some single use plastic (mainly food items - cauliflower is too delicious and it always come in plastic!) I am in deep recognition of the fact that sustainability is a journey, and realistic to the fact that nobody can be perfectly waste free in an imperfect and wasteful system. In fact, I think low-waste perfectionism is toxic for mental health.

Finally, I also advocate for system change, including the destruction of patriarchy. All oppressions that exist are rooted in patriarchy. Most people fight it daily, whether through toxic masculinity, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism or any other type of oppression. When taking part in activism, my goal isn't to make our current system better, it is to destroy it and rebuild back better using a rainbow of voices.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions, feedback or requests, reach out to me at: [email protected]

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