About Chelsea

I find climate change all encompassing, once I started learning about the environmental and social implications, I couldn't turn away. I've been slowly integrating myself into the climate action community, and have been volunteering and attending meetings with a few local environmental groups in Vancouver, since October 2019.

Although I live in Vancouver, I'm actually British. And yes... I absolutely live up to the tea-loving sterotype! I’m happiest in nature, but I’m often too lazy to make the effort, so you're probably more likely to find me in a warm, sunny patch reading a book and drinking a fresh earl grey.

While I try to be as low waste as possible, I do still buy some single use plastic (mainly food items - cauliflower is too delicious.) I am in deep recognition of the fact that sustainability is a journey, and realistic to the fact that nobody can be perfectly waste free in an imperfectly wasteful system. In fact, I think low-waste perfectionism is pretty toxic for mental health.

As well as being an environmental advocate, I am on a journey of discovering mental wellness. After struggling with mental illness for over a decade, I finally feel like I understand what genuinely puts me on the path to happiness. My ultimate goal for 2020 is to just be happy, as fully and as often as possible, which means doing more of the things I love, rather than the things I think I should enjoy.

I'm vegan and I love cooking (both of which make me happy). I also love walking in the rain, the smell of dusty old shops, eating all the fruits and vegetables followed by chocolate, smoothies, travelling to new places, a good thrift find, and above all else, my coffee-loving husband - Tom.


Contact Information

If you have any further questions, feedback or requests, reach out to me at: [email protected]

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